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with each other
Towards improving both
social equity and quality of our environments
New Paths
Discover new possibilities
by exploring multiple perspectives
A Collaborative
Engage in new forms of participation and discover tools adapted to complexity
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Macroscopia Labs


The world is increasingly confronted with interconnected socio-environmental issues that span knowledge cultures, disciplines and value systems. While the issues are interconnected, our experiences and struggles are also interlinked and  none is independent of the other. The challenges faced in this complex and uncertain world is to accept that, as soon as we appear to have met a challenge, things will have changed and the horizon will have shifted once again. In this context, it is easy to either give up or to persist with solutions that prove to be part of the problem. 

We believe that by developing our capacity to work with each other and to adapt, problems can be reframed and solutions  discovered that will advance social equity while improving the quality of our environments. Our beliefs, values, attitudes, customs, institutions and social relations shape the way we perceive the world and how we can interact with it


We support individuals, communities, specialists and organisations in understanding the complex ecosystems in which we live. Our function is to create the environments conducive for participants to reframe issues, open to multiple ways of thinking and to use the imagination to be receptive to new ideas and new directions.

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Understanding the diversity of perspectives

In order to achieve transformation, it is fundamental to accept that there can be different perspectives to the same issue. Accepting this multiplicity is a first step to see differences as complementary rather than conflicting.

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Embracing complexity and uncertainty

Recognising the complexities and interplay between issues, while accepting the uncertainties that shrowd them, and any solution to them, means that adaptability will play a large role in achieving transformation.

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Set collective goals

Setting up collective goals means knowing what we would like to achieve. This also entails knowing that these goals will need to be born out of collective discussions regarding what we, as a collective, would like to achieve.

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Act together

Acting together means taking stridies to achieve collective goals. This entails “learning by doing”

Our services include a range of programmes designed specifically to support our individual clients’ needs. The programmes are designed to build collective meaning around complex socio-environmental issues by bringing together a diversity of perspectives and knowledge types. These programmes include the facilitation of dialogues in open space workshops, the building of skills capacity to understand and communitate complex information and the development of interdisciplimary tools and visualizations.
We begin by doing an inquiry in the realities and ambitions of the participants in each interaction, and we design and build solutions based on the emrging  understanding. These interactions  stimulate meaningful conversations, behaviors, relationships and memories. In this way, we help reframe problems , solve challenges and unlock opportunities for clients and communities.


The space encounter labs are unique group interventions centered around seeing issues through multiple perspectives and learning by doing with one another.



We provide training for a broad range of skills and tools adapted to make complexity visible and to interact with it.



We contribute to inform decision making processes through interdisciplinary modelling and visualization of complex information.